Qdai is BIG on giving! We are primarily focused on meeting the needs of our valued clients while also supporting projects which promote conservation and sustainability – especially in fashion – and the empowerment of women globally. ​

​Wearing Qdai is about loving yourself a little more. Treat yourself knowing that you are empowering other women and giving them the opportunity to do the same. 

Women In Aviation

Have you ever considered becoming a pilot? 

Let us know, and we can help you, or at least point you in the right direction. There are various support networks across the world and Qdai loves to share passion for soaring high!

Our clothes are a celebration of feminine courage, a shout out to all the ladies who are working towards a better tomorrow. 

elizabeth - History telling by qdai - skirts with pockets
otago-trees_2 qdai cares

Reforestation in Zambia

Zambia has overtaken the Amazon jungle and now has the highest rate of deforestation in the world. This is due to an unsustainable charcoal industry which is devastating the country’s wilderness.

​We support Otago Trees which is an indigenous tree nursery that aids the reforestation of local areas by donating trees and educating the local villages on sustainability.