Lucy Who

When I hear the name Lucy Walker I imagine a character in a Jane Austen novel with perfect hair, a fan and a dashing suitor leaving bunches of wild flowers and calling cards. What I don’t imagine is a woman mountaineer climbing one of the highest peaks in Europe, in a dress, in 1871! The Matterhorn in the Alps

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It’s a Women’s Universe

I know you all know who Cecilia Payne was! Not! I’d never heard of her ‘till today, did you know that in 1925 she proposed that stars were comprised primarily of Helium and Hydrogen? “So what?” You say…. OK let’s rewind. She got a scholarship to Cambridge in 1919 when her single mother couldn’t afford her tuition.

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Spotlight on La Roche and Beryl…

In 1910 a woman’s role was pretty much set in stone. Being an actress meant Elise Raymonde De La Roche was cut a bit of slack, money and status don’t buy bravery and ambition though. In 1910 she became the first female pilot to receive a pilot’s license. Her achievements in aviation were the reason

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