Qdai is all about bringing more functionality to your clothing without compromising on elegance. When you wear a Qdai dress with 6 discretely designed pockets, you can store your valuables safely on your person – leaving your hands free to change the world!


The founder of Qdai, Malvina Nicca, is a pilot turned fashion explorer. The idea for Qdai came about one night while she was out dancing with friends. She felt annoyed that one person in their party always had to stay at their table to guard their belongings.  

Malvina Nicca
functional dresses for walking, dresses with pockets

There are many women who love feeling feminine, and at the same time want to be practical, independent and driven. So the question was: why compromise on functionality just because you are choosing to wear a dress?

After a year of experimenting, extensive testing and improving the samples, the first collection of dresses became available to buy online. Skirts, trousers and other designs were soon added to the collection.


We claim that every single item in your wardrobe can be elegant and have pockets!

Qdai collection

The Qdai brand celebrates unique feminine courage, something we all possess but don’t always appreciate. These clothes are about having independence, comfort and convenience all in one garment. We have chosen to name each garment after a woman who has achieved something we admire. Read our blog to find out more, and to be inspired to meet your own full potential


The Beryl range is made of luxurious fabric from Korea, made from high quality fibres, with a soft feel and beautiful drape. It won’t wrinkle, is easy to wash and dries quickly. It feels light and cool in summer. All in all, an ideal travel dress.

LaRoche dresses are made of rich velvet, perfect for any evening event. Dressy and elegant or romantic and relaxed – the La Roche offers a unique combination of ornate design and sleek lines for your comfort and confidence. ​

We currently have 3 different part dresses. Cecilia in black/ silver metallic and in white/gold. Also, a beautiful black with green/blue shimmering fabric, named Valentina.

For all Beryl and LaRoche dresses, we can offer a variation with sleeves. If you would like this, please send us a remark in your order. As these are custom made, delivery can take 3 weeks.

These Palazzo trousers are made of fine viscose fabric, and come in two colours. The belt has two zippered pockets, one of which can hold a large phone. 

The side pockets are also big enough for a smartphone.

Beautiful flaring skirt made of fine viscose fabric. It comes in beige and dark blue. The belt holds two zippered pockets, in addition to two side pockets.

These skirts are made of high performance functional fabric. It is very light, breathable and feels silky. 

These skirts are fantastic for travel, as they are wrinkle resistant and dry quickly.

The belt has two pockets for all your valuables, additionally to the side pockets