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Success, Confidence, Freedom.

Functional & Elegant

Qdai is designed by women for women.


So you can love feeling feminine, and at the same time be practical, independent and unique. 

Functional Qdai Style

Qdai is an uncompromising fashion revolution. It is about how you feel not about how you should look, it’s about independence and freedom for women.

elegant dresses with pockets, functional dresses
We Make Fashion Function

Six superbly tailored pockets discretely hide your valuables, allowing you the freedom you need and want.

dresses with pockets for passport, wallet, phone and credit card

Functional Fabric Characteristics

benefits of skirts and dresses with pockets, functional dresses

We hand picked high quality fabrics with the best characteristics for your comfort and convenience.

Our dresses are easy to pack, wash and make a good fit for every body shape. 

What our customers say


Qdai is created by women, for women!

Join MyQdai to celebrate empowerment, lifestyle and success.  This network of smart and driven people is aiming to support each other and build a strong community.

Get exclusive access to launches and special offers, and have an influence on future products. Host an event or pop-up store to receive additional benefits and great networking opportunities.

MyQdai group, wearing the world's first functional dress